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People often mention, “Just go with the flow.” but what the heck does that even mean?⁣

The intersection of discipline and surrender is flow. ⁣

That means that honoring your commitments, habits and rituals and focusing on what what you can control is one side of the work. The other side is handing over what is out of your control or your sphere of influence. ⁣

Flow is a state achieved by daily practice. It’s about finding harmony and taking a good look at yourself, your inner dialogue, the energy you are giving to work, relationships, and other commitments to discern what you should spend your time focusing on.⁣

I find the most difficult and also exciting part of this journey to enter into a state of flow is realizing that you have access to it at any time. I believe this is difficult because when things are really spinning out of control or not going the way you envisioned, it’s hard to find surrender in those moments. Or even on the opposite side, surrender can lead us to feel like so many things might be out of our hands, The harmony is what is really exciting because in practicing how to find get clear on what the discipline and surrender both look like!⁣

Simply noticing is the best place to start.⁣

How can you find more discipline?⁣

What can you hand over to find more surrender?⁣

Your flow exists in the harmony between the two.⁣


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